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Vintage Cars

Vintage Cars

Not every situation that calls for one awesome set of wheels, calls for a limo or a party bus. Sometimes you need an impressive car that sends the world of a message. This could be for impressing a great client, spoiling someone special, and a unique car to arrive at a party or function, such as a matric farewell. But there are also times when a new, branded car just will not do the job and it just does not go with who you are. However, there are vintage cars that are able to make the difference that you really want.

Studebaker 1964 Old School Vintage

The Studebaker 1964 is a classic old school car. This classic car has so much to offer, this includes its excellent exterior that has been well taken care of over her long life. The truth is that there are not many of these kinds of cars on the road anymore. It is also true that this car is a head turner, not just because of the eye-catching colour, but because people cannot get enough of classic muscle cars. And that is for good reason; they really, truly are wonderful cars that have so much life in them, that make everyone think of a simpler time.

Rolls Royce – Austin Princess

For as long as any of us can remember, this classic car has been a status symbol. This car does nothing but shows off her grace and elegance. Any Rolls Royce is something to behold, but to admire one that has been so well taken care of and so creatively crafted for you and your guests to be able to enjoy the luxury. The Princess is great for any function or to just show someone how much you value them.

Funk Rides

With Funk Rides you are able to find excellent classic and vintage cars that are there to chauffer you and your guests around in the elegance and style of such gracious vehicles. Visit their website to see their gallery and view the different rides that they have to offer.