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Say Farewell to Your School Career in a Vintage Car

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It’s an event laced with nostalgia; one that concludes the entirety of your school career, celebrates your hard work and closes one chapter of your life as you step into the adulthood. Having a night that unforgettably encapsulates the memories of your school career requires preparation, and starting with a checklist is a great place to start.

The Dress

A saturated market with vast options can make this decision an overwhelming one. Don’t fret – knowing your body, staying true to your style, being comfortable and looking like a glamorous version of yourself should help you in your decision. Make sure that you have chosen your dress in advance in case there are alterations that need to be done and to avoid any crises on the day of your dance. 

Hair and Make-Up

As with your dress, choosing your hair and make-up should enhance your natural beauty without making you feel like you are someone you are not. With this in mind, consider the colour, design and prevalent features of your dress so that you can choose a hairstyle and make-up look that complement it beautifully. Remember to book your appointments in advance to avoid disappointment.


If you are not accustomed to walking in extraordinarily high platforms, then now is not the time. If you are set on wearing them anyway, purchase them in advance and practice walking in them before the event. Remember that while looking great is important, it won’t matter if your feet hurt and you are so uncomfortable that you can’t think straight.

Consider Your Entrance

Make the occasion even more memorable by carefully considering the kind of entrance you would want to make. For a girl who loves glamour and luxury, limo hire is a fantastic option. If a limousine isn’t your style, consider a vintage car that has plenty of character. For more information, contact Funky Rides or visit their website.