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Occasions that Deserve a Party Bus

There is always a reason to celebrate, and with our selection of limousines for hire, there is even more reason to do it in style.

There are a number of benefits to be had from doing so, including the ability to get around safely, to have full control of your itinerary, take the party to the streets or simply arrive and leave in style.

While limousines are remarkably fun and sophisticated, when it comes to events that cater for a much larger gathering, there is an even better option for you to consider: party bus hire.

Opting to take to the night in a party bus is a popular choice for many people. They enhance the fun and safety of just about any evening or event.

Still, there are a few different types of events that are perfectly suited to travelling around in one.

Let’s take a closer look at each, and why a party bus in the perfect way to get the maximum amounts of enjoyment out of them.

Social Flights through Nightlife

Not every celebration needs an occasion. Sometimes your friends and you just need to get out, unwind and make the most of the evening.

If your group is large enough, orchestrating such an exodus can get complicated, especially if you are moving through a couple of venues. Its much better to keep the whole gang together as you go.

Then of course there is the issue of arriving at your various destinations safely. If you have been oiling yourselves for the social scene and driving is out of the question, its better to travel in a group and be chauffeured around by a designated driver.

Its better to hire a party bus.

So which sides of a social scene are best arrived at in a party bus? Well, all of them. But there are a few situations where they really shine:

Club & Pub Hops

Going crawling around to bars and clubs? Good luck orchestrating that if you have a particularly large group of people with you.

Sure, it might seem easy in the beginning of the evening, but what happens when people’s organisational skills decrease as their alcohol content rises?

You will likely start to lose members of your party along the way.

Keep them all together by hiring a party bus for the evening. Set the itinerary for where you want to go; make sure everyone is on board, and enjoy.

Taking the Party to the Street

Whether you’re pub-crawling or sticking to a single event, there is no need to confine the festivities to the destination you have in mind. Do you want to turn a night out into a non-stop party?

Great! That’s what party busses are for.

This is the beauty of hiring a party bus. The party starts the moment you climb on board and start moving towards your destination.

Complete with stocked bars, sound-systems, ample space and coloured lighting, a party bus can be much like a club on the way to the club, and then the club between clubs; for those die-hard party goers, it can even be the club that takes you home from the club.


The Benefits of Party Bus Hire for Social Runs

Taking a party bus out for a night’s fun is always a great idea, especially when travelling in groups of up to 18 people. They have a number of benefits when used to hit the social scene that extend beyond the realm of simple fun:

Party bus hire services seem costly at first glance, but when you consider that the cost can be split by each of the passengers, it actually offers an affordable alternative to catching taxis or having everyone find their own way to the destination.

Drinking and driving is never something that should be condoned, which poses a risk when people go out to hit the social scene. Party busses circumvent this conundrum by putting the responsibility of safe driving into the hands of a capable, professional chauffer.

It can also be a little difficult to keep the night on track when travelling (and partying) in large groups. How much time have you spent waiting outside of entrances to clubs or in their parking lots, for your friends to arrive? If you are all travelling together, you can all get there quicker, no matter where you are headed.

Things to Think About

When hiring a party bus to go out for a night on the town, there are one or two things to think about first.

Firstly, you want to ensure that you have a large enough group to make the cost of doing it viable.

Secondly, you need to try and book the bus as early on as possible. Admittedly, this isn’t always possible for those impromptu parties, but as soon as you know you have plans to go out, you should get to booking the party bus.

Cultural Tours & Excursions

Different people have different ideas of what makes for a good time.

For some, the prospect of clubbing all over the city is an exhausting idea; something they would rather avoid.

That doesn’t mean that there is no reason for these people to hire a party bus.

For group tours and excursions through the city; sight-seeing, soaking up the culture and visiting historical places can be a lot of fun it you do it right.

If you’re the type to enjoy this, and you are doing it in a group any time soon, consider a party bus when finding a ferry between your destinations.

Museums & Galleries

Museums and galleries are dotted all over the city; all over the country. Taking group tours to visit them can be a richly rewarding experience for enthusiasts of all types.

Unfortunately, doing this in groups can be difficult (and expensive) to organise, especially if you are planning on seeing a few museums and galleries for a more diverse cultural experience.

Hiring a party bus makes it easy to work your way around this, as you can ensure that everyone travels together to reach each and every location in the simplest possible way.

Cultural Tours

Cultural tours are also a wonderful experience, and for some, is the closest thing to a party they are comfortable with doing.

South Africa, and Joburg, in particular, has a rich and diverse set of cultural experiences to explore, whether you are a tourist looking to soak in South African culture, or a local who wants to build a stronger connection with our fair city.

Consider trips through Soweto and Joburg CBD, experience the majesty of South African nature at the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve, see Johannesburg’s oldest suburb at the Valley in Kensington, see the Lesedi Cultural Village or take a tour through Braamfontein where vibrant modern energy mixes seamlessly with historical architecture.

All of these experiences are within arm’s reach, and all the more enjoyable when you see them all through the comfort and convenience of a party bus.

Sightseeing Excursions

South Africa, and Johannesburg, in particular, is home to a massive collection of historical and cultural landmarks that are the hallmark of our city’s rich history and vibrant cultures.

From the Apartheid museum and Voortrekker Monument, Gold Reef City, Constitution Hill and the house of former president Nelson Mandela; there is so much to see and experience in and around our city alone.

While it is interesting to see these places on your own or in small groups, travelling with large numbers of people adds to the experience.

A party bus, thusly, offers the perfect way for you and your tour group to get around and enjoy all of these places.

The Benefits of Party Bus Hire for Cultural Tours

While not strictly a party, the experience of these types of cultural tours can be enhanced by hiring a party bus to get you and your group around:

See the city and all of its sites at your own pace. Sure, you could opt for a guided, prearranged tour. It will cost you, and you will likely be rushed through all of the sites at a speed that doesn’t allow you to enjoy them to their fullest. A party bus will at least give you control over your own itinerary.

Don’t know your way around the streets of Johannesburg? That’s fine, you don’t need to. That’s why your party bus comes with an experienced chauffeur.

Things to Think About

Be sure to have a plan in place before you head out. Let your chauffeur know about your plans, they may be able to advise you on how best to fit it all in.

Make sure your group is big enough to make it viable, especially if you are looking to cut costs. A party bus can generally seat around 18 people, so the closer you get to that number, the more affordable and enjoyable it will become.

Special Events & Celebrations

Special occasions! We all love them, which is why we all love to go that extra mile when we celebrate them. And nothing quite takes you that extra mile like hiring a party bus.

It doesn’t matter whether you are celebrating a bachelor (or bachelorette party), a birthday party, a reunion or any other special occasion; a party bus allows you to do it in style and in safety.

It also adds that an additional layer of enjoyment to the entire experience; particularly when the party bus is part of a surprise for whoever the event is in honour of.

There’s nothing special about arriving in a taxi, your own car or, heaven forbid, on foot. And since it’s a big old’ bash, why not get everyone together and hire a party bus.

Corporate Hangouts

Let’s move the conversation closer to the realm of corporate events and celebrations, and let’s be honest, for many businesses during these events, the line between party and professional sometimes gets blurred at end-of-year functions, corporate team-building events and networking parties.

Why not treat your staff to a memorable evening, while also saving them money on petrol by hiring a party bus to get everybody to and from the event or party? In fact, why not make the party bus a pivotal part of the experience?

This way you will also ensure that everyone who may need transport to and from the event, can get it, and that they can reach their destinations on time (so that proceedings can go ahead as planned), and most importantly; safely.

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