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Facts about Limousines

Limousines have forever been the epitome of elegance and luxury. Having someone drive you around the city and to events is anyone’s dream. Below are five facts to help you know the limousine a little more.

  • The very first limousine was manufactured in 1902 but weren’t the enormous automobiles that are used to seeing. They were more like the horse-drawn vehicles with the driver’s seat situated outside the main vehicle. Back then, the design and structure were all about the privacy of the passengers.
  • The word “limousine” origins from a geographic area in France known for its terrible weather. The province was known for its traditional cars used by members that required protection from the weather. This resembled the concept of the vehicle we know and love.
  • The initial stretched out limousine was developed in Arkansas around the 1920’s. This was the first of its kind and was the bestselling vehicle of its time. Modern limousines now come in a range of designs, from vans to buses. Just after its launch, many big bands used the limousine to carry equipment and instruments.
  • Air-conditioned limousines were introduced along with a few other luxury vehicles in 1929, by a company based in New York. The motive was to avoid heat issues and dehydration.
  • Limousines come in a range of sizes and shapes. Although the majority of limousines are now stretched out, the longest limo was around one hundred feet long and made in 1997. Along with two divided driver cabins, it had 26 wheels. Many limousines are available in two standard sizes that carry a standard amount of passengers.
  • The longest limousine in the world, although not street legal, is equipped with luxuries including a sun deck, swimming pool, satellite dish, king size bed and Jacuzzi.


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