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Has Your Chauffeur Completed a Defensive Driving Course? All of Ours Have!

When you opt for luxury limo hire, you expect that your chauffer is qualified to get you there safely. I am not just talking about the most base of driving qualifications, a licence; but intend to look further at how effectively the driver can control their vehicle, keep it out of danger and react appropriately whenever a risk of accident shows itself. I am, therefore, talking about their advanced driving skills, which can only be obtained through careful training, practice and an incredible sense of responsibility. So let’s find out what a defensive driving course can offer a driver, and subsequently, his or her passengers.

What is a Defensive Driving Course?

A defensive driving course, offered by BMW, goes above and beyond the expectations of a standard drivers licence. It seeks to build a driver’s proficiency behind the wheel to outfit them with the necessary skills for keeping themselves and their passengers safe in any driving situation. It trains them to spot hazards and react to them in good time, get optimal control over their vehicle even in the most demanding conditions, and employ driving strategies that reduce the risk of accidents wherever they are present.

Identifying Road Hazards

A defensive driving course teaches drivers to spot hazards long before they become an immediate risk to the vehicle. Obstructions in the road, pedestrians, bad drivers and any other force for an accident are included in these types of hazards. This is important since it allows the driver to react to these hazards in good time, significantly reducing the risk of them causing an accident.

Mapping Escape Routes

Being able to spot hazards is just one part of the equation, drivers need to know how to react to them as well. With training in advanced driving techniques, defensive drivers are able to make split-second decisions that can save their lives, or that of their passengers.

Positioning the Vehicle Ideally

With the right knowledge and experience, even those hazards that are not immediately evident can be easily avoided by correctly positioning the vehicle in the road, allowing for better manoeuvres to be made whenever they are necessary. An advanced driving course can teach drivers to make a habit of using these positions to ensure their own safety, that of their passengers, as well as for other drivers on the road.

Funky Rides has a Collection of Advanced Drivers

At Funky Rides, each and every one of our chauffeurs have undergone and excelled at a defensive driving course, allowing us to take better care of our clients, no matter what situation they are in when driving with us. Contact one of our representatives today, or visit our website to find out more about our offers.