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Beetle Limousine

Many years ago, when the new VW Beetle hit the streets, it was a head turner.  We, at Funky Rides decided that we did not just want to turn heads. We wanted to snap necks!!! Therefore, it was decided that we had to have the one and only Limousine Beetle in South Africa.

Funky Rides decided it was time to “bling” the roads of Gauteng. Gone with the Mercedes, gone with the Lincolns, and a huge “hello” to the “Limo Bug”!

Our Beetle Bug Limo can seat 8 passengers comfortably. You can enjoy our state of the art entertainment system. Neon and Laser lighting and much, much more, just to get you in the mood.

When getting out of a limousine people turn and look in sheer amazement at the vehicle that you are exiting from, however, when our Beetle Bug arrives it is greeted with awe by onlookers. Take a walk on the red carpet and be the conversation piece of the event.

Funky Rides are here to offer you an experience of a lifetime, and will endeavour to make your special occasion one not to be forgotten.

Come enjoy our “Bug”!   It’s waiting for you!

Seats 8 (8 Ballerinas or 6 Rugby Players)